Cherfire Herding

The collie breed originated in the Scottish highlands where they had been bred for centuries for their herding ability. The farmers who relied on these dogs were totally dependent on their pastoral pursuits, so the dogs were bred for strength, endurance, intelligence, devotion and loyalty.

Some things are too important to lose…

Herding Instinct Certifications 2014

  • GCh. Cherfire’s Lime Rickey HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s Smoke Signal HIC
  • Ch. Limerick Cherfire Aviator HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s Cheyenne HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire Last Of The Mohicans HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s Diamond Road HIC

Herding Instinct Certifications 2009

  • Ch. Davenloch Cherfire Wildfire HIC
  • Cherfire’s Superstition HIC
  • Cherfire’s Stormhold HIC
  • Cherfire’s Silver Nymph HIC
  • Cherfire’s Yellow Brick Road HIC “Benny” (pictured right at 5 months of age)
  • Ch. Davenloch Cherfire Wildfire HIC “Callie” (pictured left)

callieherd2 bennyherd2

Herding Instinct Certifications 2008

  • Ch. Cherfire’s Master Of Illusion HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire Michael’s Merlin HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire Hilland Sm Sailing HIC
  • Cherfire Joybak First Class HIC
  • Cherfire’s Grand Illusion HIC (pictured)

dieselsheep dieselsheep2

Herding Instinct Certifications 2007

  • Ch. Cherfire’s Calamity Jane HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s Silver Bullet HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire BenEcho High Sierra HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s Notorious HIC
  • Ch. Laured Cherfire Daoine Sidhe HIC
  • Ch. Kiss My Lady Dallas Breigayt HIC
  • Kiss Beanies Lordloki Breigayt HIC
  • Cherfire’s Cast Party HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s Rope The Wind CD/CGN/HIC/SADC/SSGDC/FBD/FBDX/FBCH
  • Ch. Cherfire Laured Spellbinder HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s Belle Starr HIC
  • Cherfire Laured Candle Magic HIC

Herding Instinct Certifications 2006

  • Ch. Cherfire’s Sensational Debut HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s Opening Act HIC/CD/CGN/VC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s Broadway Baby HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire Blackstar Invocation HIC
  • Ch.Cherfire Irish Pride Class Act HIC/VC
  • Cherfire’s Pianoman HIC
  • Cherfire’s Screen Play HIC

Herding Instinct Certifications 2005

  • Ch. Cherfire’s Headliner HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s Hocus Pocus HIC
  • Cherfire’s Leather N Lace HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s Silver Chalice HIC/RN
  • Cherfire’s Practical Magic HIC
  • Cherfire’s Cast A Spell HIC
  • Luckyrainbows Shenanigans HIC (Sneak daughter)

Herding Instinct Certifications 2004

  • Can/Am Ch. Cherfire’s Rainmaker HIC/VC
  • Am/Can Ch. Cherfire’s Claim To Fame HIC/CGC/Am.Can
  • Ch. Cherfire Hilland Sm Spirit HIC
  • Ch. Breigayt’s Rupert Of Hilland HIC

Herding Instinct Certifications 2003

  • Ch. Breigayt’s Aine Of Hilland HIC
  • Ch. Breigayt’s Clio Of Hilland HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s Touch Of Class HIC/CGC/VC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s Masquerade HIC
  • Cherfire’s Way U Love Me HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire Danced Anyway HIC/ST/BPDX/RN/VC
  • Ch. BenEcho’s Cherfire Sm Jazz HIC/TT/VC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s Main Attraction HIC/VC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s On Top Of The World HIC
  • Ch. Cherfire’s Sensational Preview CGC/HIC/NA/NAJ/NJP/NAP/RN/VCX
  • Cherfire’s Show Stopper HIC

Herding Tested

Am/Can Ch. Cherfire’s Claim To Fame Am.Can CD/HIC/CGC/HT/PT/BPD/VCX/ROMX/ChP (Fanny)

FannyHTa FannyHTb


HIC Photos








Ch. Cherfire’s Rope The Wind

There were no sheep around for him to herd so instead he was introduced to a calf and a donkey!

ropercalf roperdonkey

…all grown up….3 yrs old and doing the “real thing”!


Ch. Cherfire Laured’s Landslide “Dixie”

Meeting sheep for the first time.